Join 4-H

In 4-H, we believe in the power of young people. We welcome all youth from 5 to 18 years of age who want to explore new ideas, make new friends, and try new things. Whether your passion is farming or fashion, animal care or advanced engineering, community service or creating new businesses, all of the above or anything in between, we can help you find your Spark

How Do I Join?

  • Join an existing 4-H club in your county.
  • Start a new 4-H club . . . just 5 members and an adult is all you need.
  • Join a special interest group–a group that gets together for a short time to learn about one thing, or to participate in one activity.
  • Talk to your school about 4-H school enrichment programs.
  • Enroll as an individual and explore the project of your choice!

Interested? Contact your county 4-H agent to find out about the exciting activities that North Carolina 4-H offers where you live!