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We are so glad that you choose to visit our site. This website provides educators and 4-H volunteers with high-quality, research-based educational materials for youth aged 5 through 18. All of our materials:

  • Are designed by content area specialists from North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University
  • Feature the most up-to-date, cutting-edge research available
  • Undergo a rigorous vetting process, including field pilots and revisions
  • Are aligned to North Carolina and National K-12 educational standards


Check out the For Educators pages to explore our materials.

Educator Resources

Welcome to our hub for virtual learning content. We have a wide variety of online materials and activities that are matched to a 4-H Curriculum or content-based experience. Below is a sample of what we offer. Visit our For Educators page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find your local NC 4-H agent and additional opportunities provided by NC Cooperative Extension in your county through our Extension website.

Registration is done through the 4-H agent in your county. Contact your local 4-H agent about the program or curriculum that interests you.

If you live outside of North Carolina, these virtual opportunities are available through our NC 4-H Curriculum Team. Contact us at nc4-Hcurriculum@ncsu.edu.

Periodically, professional development is offered on 4-H Curricula. Educators and 4-H Club leaders can participate in professional development by working with their local 4-H agent.

Curriculum within NC 4-H provides an instructional map and educational materials for use by educators and students in multiple delivery modes to guide students’ learning.

The NC 4-H Curriculum Development Team tested and refined a curriculum development model that incorporates research-based content from the university level into a comprehensive field-tested curriculum package and includes evaluation from inception to delivery to review.

This model builds on the principles and best practices in the field of education and allows for the finished curriculum to be dynamic and responsive to changes in content knowledge. For more information about this model and the process of NC 4-H Curriculum Development check out this resource:

NC State University offers several curriculum-based programs which include professional development, full-time support, and evaluation. You can find more information about those programs on this website under the For Educators tab.

NC 4-H also offers larger-scale programs for youth across North Carolina including Civic Engagement, Youth Leadership, STEM, Healthy Living, and many more. To learn more about NC 4-H and how to get your youth involved, check out the NC 4-H Website or contact your local 4-H agent.

North Carolina 4-H is devoted to creating outstanding research-based educational materials for youth in NC. These materials are offered for FREE to educators across NC. If you are a teacher or 4-H club leader in NC, there is no cost for materials on this site if you work with your 4-H Agent.

If you are outside NC or would like to purchase a curriculum with access to the paired assets on this site, our titles are available on Amazon and UNC Press. For more information, please see our Terms of Service page.

For materials that are not automatically downloadable from this site, please contact your local NC 4-H agent either by phone or email.

If you are outside NC or would like to purchase a curriculum with access to the paired assets on this site, our titles are available on Amazon and UNC Press. For more information, please see our Terms of Service page.


This has been a strange year to say the least, but 4-H curriculum definitely helped get me through! I have always been a very hands-on project-based learning type classroom teacher and using 4-H curriculum as my guide, I was able to still provide that kind of experience to my students during remote learning! JMG/LIT, Winged Wonders, and Vermicomposting helped me connect to my students and keep them interested even if they could not be there in person. Plus it was a great way for me to explore my own teaching methodology since the leader's guides were so well laid out with detailed lessons, standards, background information, and student pages. The best part is that when students return for in-person instruction, they will be able to jump right in with hands-on projects using what they learned remotely with 4-H curriculum. My amazing local 4-H agent (Sally Dixon) helped me plan for using the curriculum as well as providing training and materials to help bring the curriculum to life! She was always there to help me work through issues that popped up and made sure that any adaptations I made for remote learning still held up under the tenants and requirements of 4-H. Thank you, 4-H for helping me stay calm and focused in a time of chaos and uncertainty!
Jessica Metz New Kituwah Academy