Monica is a series that explores opioid misuse with a compelling story that is accessible to young adolescents.
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Age Ages 11-13
Category Middle

Monica: Animation Series

Monica is a 9-episode animated series designed to help middle school-aged youth develop resilience and substance misuse strategies. Produced using input from 4-H youth across North Carolina, the series incorporates a compelling story, relatable characters, and age-appropriate information to illustrate the dangers of prescription drug misuse.


There are currently family and group discussion guides accompanying each episode. We are working on behind-the-scenes videos highlighting some of the talented actors who brought Monica to life.


Monica was created as a family take-home companion to the Empowering Youth and Families Program. However, the web-based format allows the series to be used in a broad range of settings.


Most of the videos are under 10 minutes long, making them easy to fit into regular club meetings or Healthy Living camps. They could also be used to frame service projects or with schools during special events like Red Ribbon Week.


Meet Monica.

She lives on a farm. She raises rabbits. And she messes up everything she touches.

Whether it’s sleeping in late on a teacher workday, pleasing her grades-obsessed father, or hanging out with her popular cousin Layla, Monica somehow makes every situation worse. When a dog goes missing, can Monica finally manage to get it right?


Produced through a grant from SAMHSA.


Age range:

Grade level: 6th – 8th Grades

Monica, an NC 4-H Production