Beaver Pond Explorations

In this session, youth will take a virtual tour of the beaver pond habitat at Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center to learn about this important North Carolina animal and its habitat.

Youth will explore this decades-old, mature beaver pond habitat, learn how to identify evidence of beaver activity, and discover why beavers are so important to many other plants and animals.

Beaver Pond Explorations is a video-based lesson with optional materials


Required Materials: None

Key Vocabulary & Learning Concepts

  • Habitat

  • Adaptation

  • Ecosystem

  • Structure & function

  • Succession

  • Carnivore

  • Omnivore

  • Herbivore

  • Xylem

  • Phloem

  • Crepuscular

  • Macro-invertebrates

48 minute lesson

Optional Materials

Vocabulary and Standards Alignment

Learning & Discussion Guide

Answer Key

Prezi slides

Prezi cover image of a beaver
Video clips used in the lesson

Beaver Adaptations

Felled Tree

On the Beaver Dam

Mom and Baby Beaver

Kit Crying Alone

Under the Walkway

Eating Far Away

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