Pine Forest Ecology

Did you know that Millstone 4-H Camp is located in one of the most beautifully restored Longleaf Pine forests in the southeastern US? Did you also know that Longleaf Pine forests are home to many rare plant and animal species?


In this session, students will explore this unique pine forest ecosystem along with the help of a wildlife expert at Millstone 4-H Camp. Students will explore how and why the Longleaf Pine declined in the 20th century and how restoring these important trees helps many different species.

Pine Forest Ecology is a video-based lesson with optional materials


Required Materials: This program uses Kahoot!

Key Vocabulary & Learning Concepts

  • Longleaf pine
  • Forest fire
  • Fires suppression
  • Germination
  • Ecosystem
  • Seed
  • Habitat
  • Soil type
  • Plant identification
  • Life cycle

48 minute lesson

Optional Materials

Vocabulary and Standards Alignment

Learning & Discussion Guide

Answer Key

Prezi slides

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