Sharks Teeth and Fossils

Eastern North Carolina is home to some of the densest fossil soils around.

In this session:

  • Youth will learn where and how to find fossils as well as identify some of the many species that can be found.
  • Youth will explore different types of fossils and take a dive deep into shark teeth specifically.

The session instructor will share his personal fossil collection to show and tell what he’s found over the last ten years.

Sharks Teeth and Fossils is a video-based lesson with additional materials


Optional Materials: Download and print the Sharks Teeth & Fossils Learning & Discussion Guide for students to use as they follow along; Parents/Guardians/Teachers can use the Sharks Teeth & Fossils Answer Key to check the student’s work.

Key Vocabulary & Learning Concepts

  • Types of fossils (mold, cast, petrified, etc.)
  • Collection process & tools
  • Archaeological periods
  • Elevation
  • Soil layers
  • Serration
  • Enamel
  • Root
  • Modern versus Extinct species
  • Types of sharks
  • Structure & function of teeth

50 minute lesson

Optional Materials

Vocabulary and Standards Alignment


Learning & Discussion Guide

Answer Key

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