Professional Development

Nationally, 4-H’s mantra is “Learn by Doing”. This statement is not just directed to youth but also to the adults who work with youth. We believe in the full experience of project-based learning, life skill development, and civic engagement leadership. Professional development comes in many formats. The goal is to further advance the learning of the adult and young person so that in turn they can teach what they have learned to their community. Below are a few reasons for professional development:

  • Further learning opportunities and knowledge growth of 4-H volunteers.
  • Direct connection with 4-H agents and university research specialist.
  • Applied learning with content training. Adults learn how youth learn through varying teaching techniques.
  • If a volunteer is a teacher, 4-H agents can provide CEU credits toward licensure through their local education agency.

Professional Development Courses

Health Rocks! Intermediate Level Professional Development
Health Rocks! Intermediate Level Professional Development

North Carolina State University 4-H is proud to offer Health…

Age Adult
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