Nature Crafts

The natural world is all around us. In this hands-on learning session, youth will learn about North Carolina birds, toads, and frogs and then use what they’ve learned to build nature crafts that will help them observe the natural world in real-time.

  • Youth will build simple bird feeders and toad homes.
  • Youth will then use their crafts to collect data, make observations, and develop inferences based on evidence about the natural world and the species they find there.
Nature Crafts is a video-based lesson with additional materials


Materials for Toad Homes: Small clay flowerpot with saucer. A small plastic flower pot or even a plastic cup will work also. Optional: Gather rocks, leaves, sticks, moss, flowers, acorns, or other natural treasures to decorate your toad home. These materials do NOT need to be prepared in advance.

Materials for Bird Feeder: Pinecone or bagel; Peanut butter or any other nut butter or shortening spread; Birdseed; Paper plate; Butter knife or plastic knife; String Prepare these materials in advance for the best experience.

Optional Materials: Download and print the Nature Crafts Learning & Discussion Guide for students to use as they follow along; Parents/Guardians/Teachers can use the Nature Crafts Answer Key to check the student’s work.

Tech Requirements: Hosted on Zoom; this session will use Kahoot! Be sure to download the app to your device in advance or have it ready to go on your desktop at the beginning of the session.

Key Vocabulary & Learning Concepts

  • Habitat
  • Survival needs
  • Structure & function
  • Amphibian
  • Avian
  • Food, water, shelter
  • Data collection
  • Observation

Making inferences based on observation & evidence

45 minute lesson

Optional Materials

Vocabulary and Standards Alignment

Learning & Discussion Guide

Answer Key

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