It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Youth observe and measure rain by creating and using their own rain gauge.

What’s the Matter

Youth explore different states of matter and watch them change before their very eyes!


Youth investigate laws of force and motion while playing with a paper football.

Pizza Garden Fun

Youth will observe the plant life cycle and then use the herb to create an edible product.

Go Away, Germs!

Learn about the spread of germs and how washing your hands with soap and water can prevent the spread…

Fun with Fizz

Youth will be able to observe and create a chemical change while magically blowing up a balloon!

Ecosystem Jungle

Youth will explore producers, consumers, and decomposers as they observe an ecosystem they created t…

It’s Electric

Youth will learn about static electricity using simple materials such as a balloon and a t-shirt.

Good Vibrations – The Science of Sound

Youth will create their own instruments and investigate the science behind sound.

Candy Rocks, Rock Identification

Youth will create their own edible rocks while exploring geology.